Canvas 1963 is the modern contemporary brand of Lands’ End.  The launch of this brand was an opportunity to reach the Gen Y/ Millennial demographic.  Canvas 1963 went to production for apparel, outerwear and accessories in less than 8 months of concept and development. I was a part of the product design team for footwear and developing the right aesthetic.  We created new slimmer lasts as well as selecting elevated materials (kid suedes, satins, cordovan, oiled full grain) and rich colors.

Cross-functional communication was a key aspect in designing footwear for Canvas 1963. Each shoe had to complete the look of multiple outfits.

The first Canvas 1963 store opened in Madison, WI and was an incubator to study and research our new customer.  Almost every Saturday for the next year I would spend time in the store, looking at floor set for footwear, getting customer feed back on fit  and watching the consumer experience.